Vubox. Teleport to a new reality.

Virtual Reality puts users inside virtual worlds, immersing them. Augmented Reality puts virtual things into users’ real worlds, augmenting them. Vubox is a mixed-reality headset that delivers both AR and VR experiences to its users.


VR Designer and Developer


Oculus Rift & Google Cardboard


Sensorial Design Labs (my then employer) was an experiential marketing company. My role as a Product Designer was to create bespoke experiential marketing applications for our clients.

The idea of a mixed reality headset was fairly nascent at that time, with the Oculus Rift being the benchmark for VR experience. My experience with the Rift, was helpful in designing some early prototypes on 3d head tracking, and spacial finger inputs and gestures.


Vubox was not intended as a commercial product but a proof-of-concept of VR technology for Sensorial Design Labs.