Hi! I'm Jeethu Karthik.

I've been creating consumer-facing software products for web and mobile platforms for over 9 years.

As a developer-turned-designer, I bring a different perspective to how design affects and influences the development of a product.

Having no formal design education, everything I’ve learnt about Product Design has been the culmination of nearly a decade’s worth of experience in working on projects, big and small, from across the globe. Although I focus primarily on Product Design, I’m equally passionate about and proficient with frontend and backend development, mobile app development, product strategy and communication.

I’m comfortable working organically across design and code, web and mobile, and business and marketing fronts.


My first freelancing gig as an Adobe Flex Developer.


Joined PixelKraft Media as a Web Frontend Developer to work on Buzzar.


Launched Buzzar – India’s first B2C Virtual Exhibition Platform.


Designed and launched Moodler at PixelKraft – India's first mood tracking social network. Moodler grew to over 10,000 active users in its heyday.


Designed and launched Bartr – A social bartering network.


Took a detour into VFX and Motion Capture. Collaborated with Centroid Studios in designing a motion capture recording/collaboration service.


Got an Oculus Rift DK1 and dived head first into VR.


Joined Sensorial Design Labs as a Product Designer. Started designing for VR and AR technologies.


Launched LiveTag – An Augmented Reality Marketing Platform.


Joined HipBar – An RBI-approved mobile wallet for drinks.


Launched HipBar – India's first, Aadhaar authenticated, alcohol home delivery pilot in Bengaluru.


The journey continues...